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Who We Are:
The Strategic Improvement Company was created in 2008 by Steve Hall
and Gordon Mack Scott, who envisioned a more effective integration of human
and technological security strategies, with systems and training designed to match the clients’ workplace style and culture.

Bringing experience from senior roles building safety strategies across
Canada in residential and workplace communities, and with significant training and consulting backgrounds, Steve and Mack also draw on their close working relationships with community agencies and public service.  

What We Do:
Based in Ontario, Canada, we deliver services nationwide. (sic)'s continuum
of services provides you with some of the most comprehensive options in the industry making the Strategic Improvement Company unique in Canada.

  • Facility physical security and threat assessments
  • Design and implementation of security upgrades
  • Preparation of security policy and procedures
  • Development and delivery of staff training
  • Review/test of current security practice

The Strategic Improvement Company can assist your business or organization in managing risk and reducing negative impact in a timely and cost-effective manner. Your return on investment is always positive: improved staff morale and enhanced service delivery.

STEVE HALL: Bio (Downloadable PDF)

GORDON MACK SCOTT: Bio (Downloadable PDF)

Image of Steve Hall and Gordon Mack Scott
The image above is of Gordon Mack Scott and Steve Hall of the Strategic Improvement Company
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Steve Hall and Gordon Mack Scott are available for Safety Training, Audits, Reviews and Consulting. Located in the Greater Toronto Area.
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