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Facility Audits
We provide facility security audits that form the basis for responsible expenditure and real improvements in security. These services inspire organizational safety awareness and help build employee confidence and commitment. Read More

Security Process Audits / Operational Reviews
We review procedures and practices to assess risk & identify opportunities for service enhancement, promoting a safer workplace for all stakeholders. We consult on processes that will maximize value from security expenditures and introduce best practices. Read More

Design Consultation
Review of plans and concepts for space and facility renovation or new construction, utilizing CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) strategies and other methods to assist in developing lower risk environments and greater user comfort levels. 

Whether new construction or renovation is contemplated, we help your managers and architects include elements that enhance safety and security for end-users.  We will design video and access control plans that match your budgetary and operational requirements, providing a basis for your purchasing decisions.

Strategic and Crisis Consultation
Whether you require urgent support due to a critical incident, or want consultation around changes in your environment or operations, we are prepared to provide the help you need.

Image of Steve Hall and Gordon Mack Scott
The image above is of Gordon Mack Scott and Steve Hall of the Strategic Improvement Company
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Steve Hall and Gordon Mack Scott are available for Safety Training, Audits, Reviews and Consulting. Located in the Greater Toronto Area.
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