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Security Process Audits
Security processes are the human practices, organizational policies and procedures, viewed through the lens of the workplace culture, that make up what we actually do to enhance the safety of our workplaces.

Audits can be performed on the observed security practices of employees generally and professional security staff in particular. Effectiveness can be determined through staff interviews, “mystery shopping”, intrusion testing
and emergency response review.

Reporting systems, how that information is used, relationships between security staff and other staff, use of technology, maintenance of privacy standards, records management, safety and security review processes, key control, contractor management, involvement of health and safety committees in security strategies and practice, and value for money analysis of contracted security services  are all elements of Security Process Audits.

Employee crisis response capability, emergency planning review, and determination of training needs may also be part of this process.

In addition, a quality audit of this type looks at partners (uniform security providers, police, fire services, neighbouring organizations etc.) in security practice, and how those relationships can be enhanced for mutual benefit.

What Products Does A Security Process Audit Provide?

These audits deliver a range of products including assessment of contract security provision, a determination of the compliance levels of staff with
current procedures, identification of significant risk areas, review of current policies and practices, a realistic assessment of workplace cultural issues that may impact any contemplated changes, and recommendations for upgrades and changed practices including training needs and suggestions to increase employee buy-in.

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