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Facility Audits
These audits may be ordered for several reasons. Some organizations want
to review or update a previous audit, look at technology upgrades, durability of current systems, or provide an updated response to risk assessment. In other cases, a comprehensive audit is being ordered for the first time, identifying risk, associating strategies with changing use of space and making comparisons with best practices elsewhere. This creates a base for strategy and budget planning over the next few years.

Organizations may be considering new or upgraded video and access control systems, and want to ensure maximum value and cost effectiveness through the information an audit can provide. 

Audits can help meet regulatory requirements, assist operational planning, provide minor tune up information, and assure stakeholders that current technology and practice is sufficient to manage risk and liability. Often, audits will identify problem areas that may be disruptive and expensive if left unaddressed.

What Products Does A Facility Audit Provide?
Comprehensive reports, laid out in an accessible way, detailing hardware deficiencies, opportunities for upgrades, and the information necessary to determine if new capital investment or increased operational expense will be likely to add value to the organization’s operation.

Quality audits, performed by knowledgeable practitioners who take the time
to understand your business, also provide guidance around the
implementation of changes. You can be informed as to what glitches and cooperation issues to expect and how to address them. Change isn’t easy
and it makes sense to learn from the challenges others have faced. This information, customized to your situation, is a valuable part of a good audit report.

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Steve Hall and Gordon Mack Scott are available for Safety Training, Audits, Reviews and Consulting. Located in the Greater Toronto Area.
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