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“Safety education can be delivered more comprehensively, with greater professionalism, and truly reflecting the specific needs of each workplace. One
size fits all has been the norm, but my experience with many groups is that each has unique challenges and perceptions. These factors need to be reflected in the training design if the investment is going to create positive change in the working environment.”
~ Steve Hall

Course Offerings
(sic) offers a variety of courses to meet the needs of both front line staff and managers. Each course offered is tailored to the specific challenges and experiences of the particular organization. We create fully customized training in response to your unique requirements. 

We accomplish this by extensive discussion with the contact person, through pre-workshop questionnaires collected from attendees prior to training appointments, and in some cases, by staff focus groups designed to explore the underlying elements that led to the training request.

Training workshops that feature relevant examples and role plays of situations recognizable to participants enhance participation. This customized content results in greater skill retention and confidence.

Booster Sessions: a (sic) exclusive!
Historically, organizations chose to repeat identical training every couple of years. Until now, this has been the only way to refresh skills and keep them current. We have a better way.

We have developed a series of “Booster” Sessions to meet the needs of organizations that have trained staff some time ago, and seek to refresh the skills and strategies previously adopted.

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La plupart de nos services sont aussi offerts en français. 
Image of Steve Hall and Gordon Mack Scott
The image above is of Gordon Mack Scott and Steve Hall of the Strategic Improvement Company
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Steve Hall and Gordon Mack Scott are available for Safety Training, Audits, Reviews and Consulting. Located in the Greater Toronto Area.
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