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Rather than repeat the entire course content, these sessions and their
pre-workshop written exercises seek to encourage staff dialogue with
trainers about use of the content, challenges faced and the impact on their practice and clients.

In circumstances where one or two of a dozen or more staff have not yet benefitted from the original training, this session and additional support from their colleagues may provide nearly all the advantages of the original
training, thus bringing those staff members up to speed with the group.

This “Booster” approach is respectful of the way adults learn, retain and
apply information, while reducing both training cost and the expense of staff time.  Typically, the sessions run about half as long as the original training. 

We recommend a “Booster” Session six months after initial training and annually thereafter.



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La plupart de nos services sont aussi offerts en français. 



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Steve Hall and Gordon Mack Scott are available for Safety Training, Audits, Reviews and Consulting. Located in the Greater Toronto Area.
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